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Welcome to Adham, where we offer business administration services with over 25 years of experience in setting up businesses and providing successful management services.

Business development services encompass a broad range of activities, tasks, and strategies that companies use to foster growth, expand into new markets, improve customer relations, and enhance their operations.

Here are some key components of business development services:

  1. Market Research and Analysis.

  2. Strategic Planning.

  3. Partnership and Relationship Building.

  4. Sales and Marketing.

  5. Product or Service Expansion.

  6. Networking.

  7. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

  8. International Expansion.

  9. Innovation and Research.

  10. Financial Analysis and Funding.

  11. Risk Management.

  12. Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Business development services, requires a combination of strategic thinking, market awareness, relationship-building, and innovation.

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"We prioritise simplicity, efficiency, and tangible results. All our models undergo thorough testing, ensuring reliability. We consistently introduce innovative solutions to benefit our customers."

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Business development services can be offered by internal teams within a company or by external consultants and agencies.

Beauty B2C Franchise

5 Days • 2 Participants • 1  Month Build


Wellness Franchise

5 Days • 6 Participants • 1/2 Months Build


Food Franchise

30 Days • 8 Participants • 3/6 Months Build